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're here to specifically enlist the community's help. >> san jose police need you -- need you to help get a dangerous man off the streets. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell san jose police have a manhunt underway for a violent criminal suspected of killing an innocent man and opening fire on police officers. alex savidge has new information this noontime. shows us the new sketch just released and the increase reward being offered. >> reporter: san jose police are searching for the man depicted in this newly-released sketch, wanted in connection with the violent crime wave across the city. investigators say he and his accomplice, jonathan wilbanks, shot it out with officers friday night. willbanks was arrested but his partner got away. >> we're very concerned which is why we're here enlisting the public's help in getting the suspect in custody, why we've been working around the clock. police have not been able to identify this man who may or may not be in san jose. this morning, the mayor announced his office is doubling the reward money in this case. there's now $20,000 being offered. >>
in san jose. it happened just after 6:00 a.m. on alum rock avenue near the intersection with jackson avenue. police say the man was about 30 feet outside of the crosswalk when the car hit him and then drove off. the victim died at the scene. >> all we have on that vehicle is it is a dark-colored sedan, unknown make or model. again, we're still talking to witnesses right now. >> police say a second vehicle also hit the victim. that driver did stop and cooperated with police. the accident tied up traffic in the area and the valley transportation authority had to reroute some buses. >>> this day before thanksgiving is very busy. christien kafton is live at sfo. is it smooth sailing now? >> reporter: that's what we're hearing. we're at the virgin america ticket area. things are moving along quite nicely. flights in and out of sfo are packed full and are flying, by and large, on time. >> passenger loads are up about 3% year over year since last year. but everything is operating smoothly. >> reporter: there were problems late into last night lasting into this morning. rainy weather led to
san jose to explain what happened in the shooting of a marine in san jose in palm springs. >> reporter: well, this marine attended piedmont high school here in san jose his sophomore and junior here and then transferred out. are calling this a tragedy. here is picture of him. 22 years old. he was stationed out of 29 palms. police in palm springs say two bicycle officers heard yelling in a parking garage and when they entered, they recognized him and his marine friend from a public intoxication from earlier that night and the men started to yell derogatory comments. one of the officers reached in the car. >> the suspect accelerated directly toward the other officer. >> reporter: the officers both fired their weapons and shot him which resulted in his death. the passenger was uninjured. the marine's family told me on the phone he's a good man who served in afghanistan. they say what police is describing is completely out of character. there's an american flag and patriotic stickers. neighbors say the family was also -- the family was always proud of him. >> you think you ar
especially before sunrise. this was the way it looked driving through san jose this morning. ktvu traffic reporter sal castaneda says he noticed more accidents than normal but not a whole lot more. >>> flooding created dangerous conditions for drivers in some places. here is what it looked like on the jackson streel off-ramp from southbound i 988 in oakland rvelgt roads were slick heading toward the bay bridge toll plaza. >> we have been talking about the storm over the past few days, started yesterday in the morning hours up in the north bay, slowly spreading south. of course, that was 3 key word slowly before making it to the south bay by late last night early this morning. we have lingering cloud cover. as far as rain totals impressive, in sonoma county, santa rosa 0.evbut also for oakland and livermore 0.4 run and san jose around 0.15. you can see the activity on the decrease. the main action is down south toward monterrey bay and still a few left over showers and sprinkles in parts of the south bay. we still have to hold on to the chance of a shower throughout the afternoon. i will
. >>> we begin with the story of a female body found at a home in san jose. it's a developing story with police still at the scene after getting a 911 call. ktvu's janine de la vega is at the home in south san jose to explain why police suspect this was a homicide. janine? >> reporter: well, tori, police tell us that the woman's body was found face down and she was lying on the floor. the coroner's on the scene right now. at this point, officer are the waiting to get a warrant to search inside this home. authorities received a 911 hangup call and when officers arrived, they heard dogs barking. they called animal control to help. when police finally entered the home, that's when they found the woman's body. while a weapon has not been found, police have reason to believe that she was killed. detectives have been going door to door to see if anyone heard anything. it's unknown who made the 911 call but officers say it did come from the home where the body was found. >> we attempted to call back to confirm there was a prob or determine if there was a problem occur -- problem or determi
that to dozens of low- income families. here in san jose, people started lining up at 6:0 this morning -- 6:30 this morning so they could be served a meal. volunteers have been chopping up vegetables and prepping turkey. they've cooked 130 birds, used 1600 pounds of potatoes. 100 loaves of bread for the stuffing and have made 1700 pies. the manager says it's a labor of love. he helped prepare. >> well, for me, it's a blessing because i get to take all of my culinary experience and my management experience, working with -- working with these men 22 men and help with a meal that will serve 22 people a day. >> reporter: seniors and families with children and others werer is refreshed the dinner by volunteers and the city team says the majority is just -- they just needed the help. after the meal each person was greeted by players from the san jose earthquakes. they were handed a holiday gift box that had a meal to prepare for thanksgiving including a turkey. back here live, tonight, they will be serving aned aish nal 250 people and then on -- addish -- serving an additional 250 people and then
.c., alison burns. ktvu channel 2 news. >>> minimum wage workers will be getting a raise in san jose. now that a new measure passed, you will hear from people how it will effect consumers and businesses. >>> cold weather is moving into the bay area. we will have details in seven minutes. more problems expected by the end of the day for victims of the east coast storm. . >>> a snowstorm is moving into the northeast where they are cleaning up from superstorm sandy. they are going to dump 2 feet of snow s along the coast, they predict 3-foot storm surges, high wind and low-lying residents are being urged to evacuate. >> airlines is taking no chances with the storm. they canceled the flights. and virgin america and jet blue have announced cancellations. so far a total of 18 canceled flights for both arraying and departing planes between the two airports as well as philadelphia. >>> one of the big issues on the ballot in the south bay was an up crease in the minimum wage. >> we are joined live from san jose to find out what what people will think and whether it will hurt or help the economy. >
in the southern half, pacifica, los gatos and san jose and morgan hill and tighter to the santa cruz mountains that is the concern of course, a rough mourning all day long for highway 17 for the summit and still seeing some moderate to heavy rainfall here as well. so once again the wider perspective here as you can see across the regions the main bulk of the action is drifting moving south and east and that trend will continue so we expect a change over the next two to three hours with the overall trend we scale back but we still have that to contend with. coming up the timing of the third storm. >> thank you, there was a flash flood warning there where flooding did occur. that warning has expired but the weather service still has a flood watch in place. brian flores joins us live to show is what it looks like now. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon. as mark mentioned the rain did taper off a little bit. it has gotten light here actually, but there still is flooding but as you mentioned yes, the river is still full but city officials say it is not a big concern at least for now. >>> w
state, san jose state and cal state east bay. the students say proposed new fees by csu trustees will punish students who take longer to graduate. >>> and administrators at city college of san francisco say that the passage of two measure by voters this week will help with the school's financial situation but they are not out of the woods yet. city college benefits financially from the passing of state proposition 30 which prevents further cuts to community colleges and from proposition a, that's a parcel tax to generate revenue for city college. the school has been threatened with looses it's accredit arc tion. >> we are following developing news in the east bay. traffic is heavy near the newest outlet mall. this is a live picture from news chopper 2. this is interstate 580 in livermore. most likely i'm guessing eastbound since that would be the direction from the main -- from the east bay toward the mall. there is an accident at the off ramp right near the outlet, those are the brand new outlet mall that just opened two hours ago and if you can see -- as we pan over the mall i
person for coordinating the rebuilding efforts in new york and new jersey. >>> parents in san jose are shocked a registered sex offender was allowed at their children's school. we will tell you why he was not arrested and more on the sheriff's investigation. >> mark tamayo will let us know when we will see rain today and he will have specifics on when the main event will arrive in your neighborhood. >>> also ktvu talk wed i talked with the highway patrol on the chase that left a path of destruction in san francisco. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing a brand new medicare prescription drug plan. it's called the aarp medicarerx saver plus plan from unitedhealthcare. and it's for people who want the lowest part d premium in the united states... only $15 a month. and copays could be as low as a dollar. so call unitedhealthcare now to enroll or learn more. with this plan, you can save 40% or more on your copays by using a preferred network pharmacy, like walgreens. for example, a network copay of $4 becomes a preferred network copay of $1 when you fill your prescription at any of the 8,
income families. >>> thousands of people filled the streets of downtown san jose this morning as ktvu's janine de la vega reports it was for one of the nation's largest thanksgiving day races. [ siren ] >> a stampede of runners took over the santa clara street this morning at the annual turkey trot. nearly 25,000 people participated, making it the second largest race of its kind in the country. >> first it is intimidating but the fact there are so many different people you don't know doing the same thing as you do kind of encouraging you to do the same goal. >> people registered to the last minute while others focused on showing off their costumes. those watching on the sidelines got a kick out of seeing people dressed as indiana jones and honey boo-boo. there were also plenty of people in thanksgiving themed costumes. >> i am a left over, thanksgiving leftovers. see my swan? >> organizes are pleased with the turnout and attribute it to people trying to stay healthy. they say the average american consumes 4000 calorieses double the amount recommended. >> later if i stuff with pumpkin
in san jose. jeanine della vega joins us live to let us know about the situation, good afternoon. >> reporter: police have this whole area roped off and this whole happened by this jewelry store and right now officers are talking to employees to try to piece together what happened. we know two armed men are on the run. let's go to some video we have from news chopper 2. this all started at about 10:10 this morning. police tell us two men entered this jewelry store and they did have a gun with them and the store clerk inside had a gun and fired back at the suspects and it is unknown if he hit one of them. those robbers ended up running out of the store and it's unclear whether there was a getaway car and they did not tell us whether they got away with any items inside the store and this is what they had to say. >> we have officers looking for witnesses and others are searching for video and this could possibly help in this investigation and we have officers canvassing the area looking for possible suspects. >>> now we are told by police that apparently the clerk said that the two
international and san jose. they're reporting no or very minor delays, if anything. back to you. >>> i think some of the totals checked in about -- >> sorry, steve. your mic isn't working. >>> continuing our storm watch coverage, the situation in marin county got some heavy rainfall this morning. we're live in san rafael. the rain let up. looks like a little sun. still windy? >> reporter: yeah. the winds have been a factor. we've been on the north side. richmond san rafael bridge since 4:00 a.m. we started out with dry conditions. then heavy rains and strong gusty winds. and now we have a little bit of some sunshine. the clouds beginning to break up a little bit. we took a short drive and did find heavy rain in the 10:00 hour approaching ross and the san anselmo area. crews were out cleaning storm drains to help minimize flooding problems in that area. heavy rain in san anselmo. the creek only went up about a foot and a half. it's about 3.5 feet right now. it's gone up a little bit but holding steady over the past hour. we've been watching the conditions. the winds have been a big issue. ear
in livermore as well as san jose. 79 in napa. all kines are points to some -- all signs are pointing to some records. santa rosa, santa rosa, expected -- all expected to make new records today. when i come back, i will take a broader look around at what you can expect for the afternoon and how soon before this unseasonably warm weather turns warm and -- cold an damp. >>> the bay area is seeing beautiful weather. at lake merritt in oakland, many walkers and joggers came up early to soak up the warm sunshine before they went to work. a couple of people we talked to said -- >> we love wearing sunglasses at the beginning of november. love it. enjoy it. >> it's amazing that it's -- what month is it? november. >> wow. it's beautiful out! >>> fremont police are trying to piece together what led up to a violent confrontation between a naked man and officers. it ended when officers fatally shot the man around 11:00 last night. janine -- janine da law vega has more formion -- janine da law vega has more information -- janine de la vega has more. >> reporter: tori, you can see some of theon neighbors l
the hour long standoff. >>> security measures at san jose state university may not be great. >>reporter: the tollbooth towers are supposed to provide immediate 24 access to a police dispatcher. >> they provide us with what they need. you can press this and get the assistance you need. >>reporter: but problems playing the system. most of them are inside, but about two dozen are outside and are known to fail. we had police test this one this morning. >> this is john. just checking the phone. >> hello. >> this is john. >>reporter: does that work? could he hear you? >> no. he's now dispatching somebody to check the phone. >>reporter: then another blue light phone had gone down. >> it is a common issue. we're generally aware there's going to be at least one phone having issues. >>reporter: on this day there were at least four. police blamed weather and the system. police say the university has made finding a long-term fix a priority, but for now the solution seems to be, keep checking them and keep fixing them. >>> police were called to a fire at a house where marijuana plants were found gro
in santa rosa, 60 redwood city, 61 san joses these numbers cooler than 24 hours ago but with more sunshine we are going to see a turn around. the satellite and radar here watching a weak system move across california. you can see a few sprinkles here. we at home will see the clouds so you look overhead you may notice that. widespread 60s for the afternoon, the high clouds with us. by tomorrow we wake up and dealing with fog again in the morning with more sunshine by the afternoon. afternoon highs expected for today, 68 petaluma. 68 navato, 67 in san rafael. 66 sausalito, light onshore sea breeze, 69 walnut creek, 70 pleasanton, 60s along the east side bayshore there. 69 san jose. 70 degrees los gatos, upper 60s santa cruz. along the peninsula for the afternoons, 68 redwood city, 69 expected in palo alto, mid-60s san francisco. partly cloudy skies at the coast, 62 pacifica, 63 degrees expected in daily city. your extended forecast with your weekend in view. there is the bounce back. the temperatures warming into the low 70s by tomorrow. mid to upper 70s by sunday. remember we do fall back s
in that direction. peninsula dry, santa cruz light showers, san jose wet weather the moment as well. again this system will continue to move ashore. as it does it will continue to bring us rain. it is expected to turn heavier as we get into the evening drive. then a second system to follow. so again we are tracking a soggy weather in time for your weekend. i will have a look at the time line and show you how much rain will fall coming up. >> that is making residents in one neighborhood nervous. they are watching a hillside that collapsed last week, sending mud flooding down their street. crews have been shoring up the hill. it is in and out covered with hey and netting. three days ago ktvu was first on the scene after a pipe broke sending more than 97, 000 gallons of water down the hill. >> oh, yeah, it is good that we have put those in there because big hole in there you know. it might be raining from the weekend and start now, so we are a little bit nervous. >> city crews will be out all weekend long checking the hillside for further erosion. >>> police have arrested a gang leader. some
and hayward 63 expected and 63 in livermore. 64 san jose and 63 in sunny veil along the peninsular 63 and 62 in san mateo. we will be cooling off around sunset around 5:00 and the extended forecast shows a warming trend monday tuesday through wednesday, we begin to fall back but it looks like there is a possibility of a few scattered showers and it looks like we will old off until wednesday. >>> they are urging everybody to kick the habit. out officials will provide free lung screeningingits and it will be available wednesday and thursday on west san pablo and the pittsburgh and legal talks. tomorrow the president will meet with the legal representatives and on wednesday he will meet with business representatives. he will try and build support for his proposal to avoid spending increases and spending cuts and it will take affect at the end of the year if an agreement is not reached. >>> late tonight construction work starts on the cal train tracks. they will elevating the tracks in san bruno but it also creates a new elevated station to replace the street level station in sylvan avenue. cal
to moderate around the region and plenty of sunshine. 73 in santa rosa, livermore for you, 78 into san jose, along the coast reported at passive can, 74 in san francisco, these numbers are warmer and all in awe well above average. by wednesday we are looking at a cool down and a drop in temperatures are looking anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees and wednesday is sort of a transition day and thursday, we are talking the possibility of snow levels down to 2 5,000 feet with this storm so you know it is going to be a cold storm. a winter weather advisory is already anticipated for the sierra and the ridge of high pressure is beginning to break down, yesterday it was a clear art. we are now beginning to see this push a little bit east and we are beginning to fill it. this system is showing not a lot of rain but the possibility even to our local mountains. the clouds in the fog will be backup as early as tomorrow morning. it takes late morning until early afternoon a front moves through and it looks like it's going to linger. unstable weather at least through friday and very cool temperatures and i wi
ones. san jose, 72. fremont right around 70 degrees. we'll -- we've been dealing with the lows. they've been coming up a little bit. so it's nice to have mild numbers out there today. we'll shave off a few degrees on thursday. some occasional off and on showers. tori, you can see the rain clouds, multiple rain clouds, we're expecting some breaks this weekend. enjoy today. >>> the oakland mayor kicked off a holiday campaign to encourage residents to pump money back into their community. ♪ >> mayor quan and local merchants appeared at a festive media equate to promote shop oakland grown. this supports 50 local businesses and the use of oakland grown gift cards. both the merchants and the city will benefit. >> oaklanders spend $28 million in gift cards. $28million. so if we all maybe some of those gift cards as oakland grown cards think about what that would do for our local community? >> those cards can be used as dozens of parks. >>> ahead -- oakland as manager just talking to reporters after receiving a special honor. >> ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing a brand new medicare presc
of san jose and we were the only ones to get exclusive video of it. now, at around 10:00 this morning, detectives were in this neighbor at folsom circle not far away from the original scene. this 1996 tan honda accord was parked there blocking a driveway. police say this is the gunman. they they the -- this is the gun they believe the suspect used. neighbors were questioned by police and they searched their backyards. >> that's pretty scary. thank goodness he's not here now. >> i think it must have been convenience because this was close. >> reporter: this all happened just before 2:00 this morning at jacqueline road. an officer stopped the car for a moving violation. police say the driver got out of the car and started firing at that officer. >> thankfully our officer was not truck. he did return fire. it's unknown if the suspect was struck. he fled the location in his vehicle. >> reporter: the officer was not hit but did suffer minor injuries. police canvass the area looking for him and had a portion of jacqueline closed for five and a half hours. now, we do know that they have take
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21